1. What are the different classes or grades of Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)?
          1. There are 3 classes or grades of LEW.

        Under supervision, the electrician and technician can work up to the level of the high voltage switching engineer.

          Install, Repair, Maintain, Operate, Inspect & Test Design
        Electrician Does not exceed 1000V and less than 45kVA (65A)
        Technician Does not exceed 1000V and less than 500kVA (721A) Does not exceed 1000V and less than 150kVA (217A)
        Engineer Any load level subject to the voltage level conferred on the Engineer
      2. What is a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)?

        LEW is a person who is technically competent to carry out electrical works and is licensed by EMA in Singapore.

        LEWs are allowed under their license to design, install, maintain, operate, inspect and test electrical and supply installations.

      3. What are the responsibilities of a LEW?

        The LEW ensures that the electrical installation under their charge is properly maintained. The LEW also ensures that any electrical work or modification done is done according to code and regulation.

      4. What are the requirements to be registered as a LEW?


        Holds a National Institute of Technical Education Certificate which curriculum is relevant to the electrical work AND

        Not less than 2 years’ practical experience in Singapore


        Not less than 10 years’ practical experience in Singapore


        Diploma majoring in Electrical Power Engineering (NP/SP) AND

        Not less than 2 years’ practical experience in Singapore


        Is a registered Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering AND

        Not less than 2 years’ post graduate experience in Singapore in Electrical Power Engineering

      5. Where can LEW services be found in Singapore?

You can contact us at the contact page.

  1. What is an Electrical Installation License?
    Electrical Installation License (EI License) is a license that is issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to permit the consumer to use or operate the electrical installation at the stated address in Singapore. Without this license, the stated electrical installation is not permitted to be put into operation.
  2. Which Electrical Installations in Singapore are required to apply for an EI License?
    Not every electrical installation in Singapore is required to apply for an EI License.Installations which does not require an EI License is as follows:                                

    • Domestic Installations
    • Non-Domestic Installations < 45kVA (63A at 415V)
    • However, where a non-domestic installation < 45kVA is dealing with hazardous goods, an EI License is still required.
  3. How long is an Electrical Installation License in Singapore valid for?
    The EI license is valid for one year and it has to be renewed annually with EMA.
  4. How is the Electrical Installation License applied or renewed?
    The application of Electrical Installation License (EI License) or renewal of the license can only be done through a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) of the appropriate level. The LEW has to be appointed by the holder of the EI License.
  5. What is the purpose of having a licensing scheme?
    The purpose of having a licensing scheme is to ensure that installations in Singapore are properly maintained.


Do contact us if you require a LEW to apply for the Electrical Installation License.